Anyone who uses a computer or a smart mobile phone, and is connected to the internet should know about the term Internet Protocol (IP). Internet Protocol address is a set of various numerical codes that are assigned to every device that is connected in a network, whether it is a local area network or wide area network.

The two basic types of IP addresses are:

  • Private IP address
  • Public IP address

Some of the benefits of IP address are:

  • It helps to find out the geographical location of any device that is connected in a network
  • It provides the network administrator to make sure that all the devices that are connected in the network are safe and secure
  • It helps you find the actual location of the internet user
  • In case you are a website owner, it is very help to you, you can find out the location of spammers as well as all those violating your website.
  • Finding out the IP address is very helpful for doing a targeted marketing campaign.
  • IP address holds vital importance in implementing a security plan for any network
  • IP address is helpful in finding out the number of users using a particular network as well their location

All the above-mentioned point to the importance of having knowledge about what does IP address stand for and what is your IP address. To address the later part, there are various website, which are able to provide the answer. All you need to do is Google, Checkmyip and within a matter of seconds, you will find various websites offering services to find out you IP address. It is no more a rocket science to find out the answer to the question of how to check my ip.